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recension by:  50 cent :'s   Gio Washington  aka Governor G

George Clinton


The UFO  Brooklyn    Funky Taurus & George Clinton

ist die dritte gemeinsame CD Produktion von Funky Taurus and George Clinton

Die CD wurde wãhrend des Aufenthaltes von Funky Taurus  auf der Farm von George Clinton in Brooklyn, Michigan begonnen und enthãlt auch Vokal Aufnahmen, die Funky Taurus in ihren Hotelzimmern auf ihrer DAT machine in Chicago, Detroit and New York eingesungen hat.
George Clinton hatte Funky Taurus zu sich ins Studio eingeladen

Die gemeinsamen Produktionen erscheinen nun in weitgehendst chronologischer Sequenz auf Funky Taurus - Mastering & P Records.

George Clinton war vor Kurzem in der Show des Funk-Liebhabers Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg 's GGN News Networks

George Clinton ist die DNS of Hip-Hop und war der Erste, der mit Funky Taurus arbeiten wollte.

Zitat FT:"  ... I am glad it was George Clinton I started with.... I will allways be gratefull and happy about that. I love the FREEDOM George creates for himself and artists"

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Rezension:  Gio Washington 50cent

Rezension der “Funky Taurus & George Clinton” CD UFO Le F.U.N.K von Governor G ( 50 cent )

My name is Governor AKA Gio. I have written and performed songs with 50 Cent, T.I., Wyclef Jean and more! My relationship with 50 Cent goes way back. Currently I am in the process of creating my own brand of music, a soulful sound with a modern twist, it’s music that you can not only HEAR but music you can FEEL! I’m creating music and lyrics that will make the hairs on your arm stand up or give you chills, which is why I respect what FUNKY TAURUS is doing. Her brand of music is an interesting hybrid of characteristics from the past with an interesting peak into the future of music. Her song “Brooklyn UFO” sounds just as it is so cleverly named. This song is will surely allow you to keep your ‘radio blasting’….the UFO like sounds that surround your ears while her soft toned voice peers thru is like a “trippy” ride thru another demension in time, both future and past! It’s hynotic, it’s sexy and at the same time “bumping your speakers.” This song lulls you into a transe so to speak. Funky Taurus definitely knows how to set the mood on this tune! George Clinton is an ICON in our world of music and that fact that he chose to team up with Funky Taurus and lend his experience and creativity is a testiment and extreme compliment to her musical ear and talent! F_U_N_K_Y, Funky Taurus is surely in the house! This type of effort to break the stereotypical lines of music we hear brings on a fresh approach to the future of music. The fact that the musical productions and collaborations of Funky Taurus and George Clinton are actually made by two people that know the theory of music and are not just two “beatmakers” is even more refreshing. I respect the sampling art of music but there’s nothing like listening to music created by producers that actually know what the note “A” or “B/flat” is. I think through our fastly expanding culture of the digital era, it has almost disabled people in knowing the theory of music. Anyone can tap out a beat to a tempo and quantize it to stay consistent but bringing out emotion, creating mood swings and creating dynamics within the music is the mark of a true PRODUCTION! Funk is not DEAD! In a business world that thrives on a quick dollar and trends that die out from summer to summer, FUNKY TAURUS has created a sound that is TIMELESS and pure!

 LLoyd Brynner Hollywood Media, July  2021

CD-Tip: “The Brooklyn UFO”

Funky Taurus & George Clinton

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Mastering P Records 

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EDITOR: Natasha Johnson

LLoyd Brynner Hollywood Media,  March  2021