Funky Taurus & George Clinton - COOL JOE - exclusiv Physical Copy EAN 0637405131390 hier: ab 22.August 2016

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Funky Taurus & George Clinton
EAN 0637405131390

The two artists are in releasing mode !


Is the fifth mutual release and coming out on August 22nd 2016

Funky Taurus known for her own “Funky Taurus Universe“ Science song E=MC2 which is dedicated to Stephen. W. Hawking and which originated the music genre SCIENCE SLAM while living with George Clinton and his family and writing songs in DETROIT started her own record label and is now releasing with George Clinton.

Detroit Energy & Fresh Breeze also inspired Funky Taurus and Science Slam is herewith coming from Detroit, since it was written there.

Germany adapted the idea of making science available to the public via performances after the song was introduced via radio & tv

NONETHELESS the cooperation with George Clinton made 4 mutual

DETROIT ELECTRO releases came into being 2014/15

The avantgarde productions contributions to the Detroit Electro Scene. The Brooklyn U.F.O was written in Royal Oak and at ”United Sound System” in Detroit, recorded in Brooklyn, Michigan in a Motel on a DAT machine.

The physical copy availability AMAZON start on May 22nd 2016

Funky Taurus Media ( )

Now in 2016 THE TWO decided to release the very very laid back relaxed FUNK SONG named Cool Joe

COOL JOE is pre-released via Itunes

The physical copy availability start on August 22nd 2016


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