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Funky Taurus Media  e. Kfr        products
please let us know via eMail:
what kind of use you have in mind for which period of time that we can forward our details to you

Please communicate with the intended type of use and service life
to request:

Direct order via photo number:

VIP photographs are used for reporting purposes only
Use in journals, daily press, internet newsletters etc:

    Fee according to rates of the publisher
    VAT: plus VAT
    Attribution: Photo: FTM or Funky Taurus Media
    Charity projects for free
    TV presentation free of charge
    Photos for reporting Press report on VIP possible

display Advertising

    in journals etc. without attribution: from 70, - €
    in journals etc. with attribution: from 75, - €

use product manufacturing / merchandise
Inquire here directly and make individual arrangements

Publication on the Internet:

    on commercial commercial sites without attribution: from 70, - €
    on commercial commercial sites with attribution: from 75, - €
    on private sites without commercial use without attribution: from 65, - €
    on private sites without commercial use with attribution: from 55 .-- €

Imprint in catalogs, horses - u. Art catalogs, yearbooks etc.

    With attribution: from 355, - €

  Photographs orderered directly in our Shop are Royalty Free based on $ 9  Conditiions of Use

§9 Royalty Free Photo Order via Shop

Photographs ordered and paid directly in our shop are Royalty Free and can be used privately as Poster or Wallpaper non-exclusive unlimited in time for non-commercial purposes. All rights,  copyright inclusive,  remain at Funky Taurus Media e.Kfr


Intellectual Property and Personal Rights Policy


All uploaded works / content are subject to the legal position of Funky Taurus Media. Funky Taurus Media is responsible for all rights that exist or arise when the uploaded content becomes visible.

Photos / graphics / videos / drawings / logo (s) / text and content in general respect publication rights, property rights and personal rights of the persons depicted (VIP, Grammy Winner George Clinton, Funky Taurus with cooperation partners, Snoop Dogg, Redman etc., public figures or contemporary history), as well as TRADEMARK LAW, COPYRIGHT, PERSONALITY RIGHTS. The copyright of all published content on Funky Taurus Media lies with Funky Taurus Media and is authorized by the holder of the rights, his agent or the law or by a contract. Abuse will be punished. Please contact us directly for special usage inquiries: If you would like to participate in our capacities, please let us look at your material, upload request cloud and take a look at our contractual basis.  These are available for download .
Please report abuse of our content.
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